"With a team of caring people,
we encourage a healthier lifestyle
through promotions, prevention,
and Community health activities
that strengthen pride, respect
and responsibilities of self, family,
and Community as
Eeyouch of Eastmain"

Public Health

Our Vision
Creating a Healthy Community which takes into consideration physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being

Our Mission
Maintain and improve a self-reliant and healthy Community through education, prevention, counseling, health promotion, and providing support in the case of a Public Health emergency, and natural or man-made disasters

Public Health Administration
Responsible for the effective and efficient management of the Public Health Department by overseeing all health-related programs and initiatives, to protect and promote the health and well-being of the community, and to prevent health issues. Also responsible for the planning, public health inspections, surveillance of food warnings, request special funding and submission of required reporting, organizing, directing, and evaluating Public Health Services being delivered to the community and contribution to the update of the Community emergency measures plan and be an active member of the EOC.

Counseling & Healing Office
The healing office is responsible for Cree way of Life healing practices, counseling programs and services, education on spiritual Cree values and knowledge, and the establishment of Cree Herbal Traditional Medicine Program. Our team provides:

  • weekly sweat lodge ceremonies 

  • moon lodge ceremonies

  • annual bear dance

  • traditional healing therapies

  • shaking tent ceremonies

  • monthly meetings with advisory healing group

  • annual Sundance

  • life consultations services

  • fasting ceremonies

  • counseling and healing weeks

  • traditional herbal medicine program

  • Cree traditional healing education

  • upon requests; naming or smudging ceremony

First Responders Office
The First Responders Office is responsible in identifying and minimizing the health risks ensuring the Community is prepared and ready to respond to Public Health Disasters or Town Emergencies. Some First Responder teams also assist the Search & Rescue teams when first-aid is needed and assist with the Mobile Command Post. The First Responders operate the Community first-aid unit. Our teams provide:

  • first aid trainings

  • operational Wilderness First Response team

  • water rescue first aid team and recovery

  • sonar services

  • high angle rescue

  • First Responders in town emergencies/disasters

  • mass casualty management

  • mobile command post first aid team

  • First Responders trainings & scenarios

  • assist with town evacuations

  • assist with airport emergencies

  • post trauma debriefing

  • first aid services for Community events

  • monthly meetings for First Responders

  • educate community how to prepare for emergencies

  • assist local Cree Health Board ambulance, if needed

Community Health Programs Office
The Community Health Programs Office is responsible for coordinating the Community-based health programs of Health Canada. Brighter futures & Building healthy community, they also coordinate the community head start program. They educate the public on topics, such as the importance of healthy lifestyle and develop opportunities to increase well-being for the Community children, youth, and their parents. Our weekly schedule includes:

  • 'Moms-Time-Out' Services

  • Head Start after school program

  • after school Brighter futures program

  • after school Teens Wellness program

       (affiliated with the Junior Canadian Rangers)

  • Head Start Home program for the parents

  • Secret Sisters

  • meetings with parents advisory group

  • first-aid training for the children & teens

  • babysitting training

  • special events and an annual Summer Day Camp



For any emergency on water leaks, sewage backup, or drainage problem or something else to do with the Public Works Services, please call 819-977-5424 or you can contact the Director of Capital & Public Works; Derek Moses at the Band Office during working hours at 819-977-0211 ext. 315 or 819-977-5177 and the right person in charge or team will be deployed.


3 Nemao Street

Phone 819-977-2000 ext. 222

Fax 819-977-2088

Call for email address

Director; Vacant

Administration Office

Alfred Gilpin - Counseling & Healing Assistant
Andrea Mamianskum - CHP Coordinator
Katherine Tomatuk - CHP Educator
Amy Williams - CHP Educator
Jonathan Cheezo - Chief First Responder
Colin Shanush - First Responder Coordinator

Our Staff

FR Station.jpg

2 Mewaben Road

Phone 819-977-2000 ext. 226/227

Fax 819-977-2022

Call for email address

Public Health - CNE Facility

First Responder Station


Cree Nation of Eastmain




76 Nouchimi St., P.O Box 90,
Eastmain, QC, J0M1W0



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The Cree Nation of Eastmain is open Monday through Friday from
9:00 am to 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. All administration offices are closed on
weekends and most statutory holidays. You contact us by any of the following methods...